Thursday, October 15, 2015

Classes for Quickbooks are a big help to your bottom line

In todays world Quickbooks is an essential software for any size business. This software has been around for years and is growing as we speak.

Technology can be challenging to many people in the business world. But you don't need a BA degree to learn this one. One of the many tools today for this software is a class and instruction by a Wisconsin company. Finally small or large companies have a true source to send there employees to for accurate training by a real instructor. Whether you have versions Pro, Premier or Enterprise a class for thise program is essential for all employees in the accounting division.

Training programs like this will tearch your staff the essentials of Acounts payable, accounts receiveale, General Journal Entries and even Payroll. Don't expect these classes to be over in an hour, most are 3,6 and 12 hours long. But the ROI is well worth the investment. Whether the student is a beginner or a
a CFO of a major company the rewards of this training will last forever.

Burt Steingraeber President of says that Intuit is constantly changing the software to keep up with the times. "Technology has played a huge roll in how Quickbooks has evolved" Steingraeber said.

New employees or trainees can expect to leave a trainin session with a comfortable feeling of the software after a 6 hour course. For people who need a refresher of who have up graded, the 3 hour course will work just fine Steingraeber said. He believe the larger seminar style classes aren't as effective to the student as smaller training class he holds. "Having 10-15 students in one training session is ideal". Steingraeber said.

When booking a training session, ask questions about the class and instructor. How long has the instructor been using the software directly not just teaching it. How many  class hours  had he or she taught? Is your class or my version? Do you teach payroll and basic office skills separately?

Taking a course like this is a huge benefit for any company. If you are a small business setting your chart of accounts is an important factor as well.
Quickbook class
Training Quickbooks

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